The central component of the Swasthaadhaar ecosystem is the Swasthaadhaar platform, resident on a secure server. This platform can be accessed by registered users and partners via the Swasthaadhaar web application, through a web browser on a PC, tablet PC and mobile phone.

The Swasthaadhaar server can also exchange information with other applications and services. For example, a laboratory can link its clinical application to provide EMR data directly to the Swasthaadhaar platform. Alternatively, the Swasthaadhaar platform can also retrieve data directly from it’s partner laboratory’s EMR archives.

On a larger scale, multiple service providers (labs, hospitals, clinics, blood banks, paramedics, independent medical practitioners) – can simultaneously communicate on the secure Swasthaadhaar platform with multiple stakeholders (like schools, colleges, medical regulatory bodies, corporates, banks, insurance companies and others) – making it one giant, seamless online community, all interacting with each other to enhance the speed and quality of healthcare.