In order to make Swasthaadhaar services usable according to need “anytime & anywhere” – and available to mobile and stationary users – we have wired in a seamless platform and functionality integration with mobile technologies.
Easy access with immediate feedback provided by mobile technologies today enables automation of data acquisition and when manual entries are required these can be entered by our dedicated back-office (e.g. entries of diagnostic reports conducted while on vacation in another country).
Swasthaadhaar is also intelligently designed to interpret data acquired from users and generate feedback to the user online (e.g. a reminder at 20.00 hours that one needs to take a prescription dosage at 21.00 hours).

Self monitoring / care Health and care management using the Swasthaadhaar platform on the web, mobile technologies and measurement devices. Access to contact centers for health / care coaching, combined with remote monitoring of vital signs and other parameters on a regular basis. Our partner healthcare providers have already expressed a keen interest to be associated with this service delivery model. Traditional physical visits to these care centers, based on a scheduled appointment – automated reminders for which are sent out by the hyjiya platform to users. Of course, the user is armed with an updated health record for the care centre – thanks to Swasthaadhaar!