Swasthaadhaar is your Integrated Collaborative Medical Record or ICMR – which is initiated, owned and maintained by you, through our unique online services, tools, information and back office operations. It is an ideal and secure online health record, providing a complete and accurate summary of your health and medical history (or that of your family) and making it accessible online to anyone who has the necessary electronic credentials to view the information.

It is a simple, ready-to-use and very robust web-based solution that offers a platform for you to maintain medical and healthcare records for you and your family. It is designed to be interactive and to evolve with medical history of you and your family.

Unlike an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) which is maintained and owned by hospitals and clinics, your Swasthaadhaar ICMR is entirely owned and controlled by you. It is more than just a digital storage solution – it enables you to take charge of your health and wellness, while providing you with all the necessary preventive care information, tools and tips to lead a healthy life.

Swasthaadhaar reveres the privacy of your data. Your employer, or even a family member, will NOT have any access to your information, unless you decide what or how much you want them to know. This forms the backbone of what we call “empowering” Swasthaadhaar users with supreme control of their health data.